VeRoLog solver challenge 2016-2017

VeRoLog solver challenge 2016-2017

vehicle routing with scarce, reusable equipment


Update: the ‘restricted resources’ part of this challenge has ended! We would like to thank all our participants for their time and effort invested in this. We have received your submissions, and hope that the challenge will live on through the all-time-best competition. Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam, July 10-12!

Welcome to the most challenging vehicle routing optimization competition! Hosted by VeRoLog – the Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization (within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies), this year’s challenge officially started during the VeRoLog meeting in Nantes (June 2016). However, new participants are still encouraged to sign up, as this challenge does not end until July 2017 when the next VeRoLog meeting takes place in Amsterdam. The challenge is proposed, sponsored and ran by ORTEC.

The problem being addressed arises from practice and combines aspects from scheduling, routing and inventory. The main difficulty in this problem is that one needs to distribute equipment that is scarce. However, this equipment may be reused, i.e., it may be picked up at one customer and delivered to the next. The problem is defined over a period of several days, and is completely deterministic. In the format used for this challenge the realistic instances are simplified for the sake of clearness, but they preserve the essence of the difficulties.

We are convinced that you will find this problem intriguing and challenging. We hope that your participation will contribute to an exciting challenge and may intensify the research on this problem which is still widely overlooked in the literature.


The ORTEC VeRoLog solver challenge team